Best Western Hotels & Resorts
GLō DeSoto, DeSoto, Texas
GLō Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee
GLō Asheville, Asheville, North Carolina
GLō Lexington, Lexington, Kentucky
GLō Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee
GLō Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
GLō Asheville, Asheville, North Carolina


Innovative, Fresh, Flexible – Upper Midscale New Construction Boutique Prototype

GLō is an energetic new construction boutique hotel brand designed by BWH Hotel Group, the leading, global hospitality network. Built to break the suburban cookie-cutter hospitality mold, GLō is focused on a dramatically iconic arrival experience, streamlined, contemporary guest rooms, and stylish, cost-effective materials, GLō is designed for savvy travelers expecting the best in value, design and comfort. Ideal for secondary and tertiary locations, GLō is positioned to hold a powerful new place in the upper midscale market.

GLō amenities:

  • Minimal 9,770 sq. ft. footprint prototype
  • Flexible construction for various sites
  • Cost effective, suit to site build strategy
  • Ideal for secondary and tertiary locations
  • The lobby flows into an integrated breakfast area, including concealable displays, the space transforms into a work-and-relax area after breakfast
  • Strong design of the shared spaces features focal elements such as a spectacular lobby, breakfast area and a high-tech, state-of-the-art fitness center
  • Adaptable, smart technology
  • Streamlined design maximizes space in guest rooms
  • Unique, modern guest rooms and guest bathrooms feature lighting elements and pay as much attention to function as to forms